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Welcome to the screenwriting page!

You’ll find interviews with industry experts and tidbits that will help you with your screenwriting. Don’t be intimidated by screenwriting. All it takes is one ‘blockbuster’ idea and the rest, as they say, will be history.

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Christina Hamlett
Script Consultant/Instructor/Mentor

Bio: Christina Hamlett has been a professional script consultant for the past 10 years as well as a screenwriting instructor/mentor who teaches workshops around the country as well as in online forums. She’s the author of three screenwriting books, two of which are specifically targeted to high school students. Her credits to date include 26 books, 130 plays and 5 optioned features. Further info on Christina’s background is available at

  • Wow! Women on Writing Selects Christina to Offer Screenwriting Course. Starting at the end of June, Christina will be offering a six-week online screenwriting course through Wow! Women on Writing. The course is available at Women on Writing: Literary Agents and Authors.
  • Christina Selected to Judge Screenwriters Challenge 2009…Christina Hamlett was selected by NYC Midnight to help judge their Screenwriters Challenge 2009. NYC Midnight designs intense competitions to challenge the stamina, determination, and originality of these aspiring filmmakers and writers. For more information go to their website at NYC Midnight: Filmmaking:Screenwriting:Animation:Creative Writing.
  • SouthWest Writers Screenwriting Competition to be Judged by Christina…She’s also been asked to help judge the 2009 screenwriting competition sponsored by SouthWest Writers in Albuquerque, N.M.

Read the second interview with Christina_Hamlett_Screenwriting_Interview_Part_II.

Read the interview with Christina Hamlett. This insightful interview will help aspiring and experienced screenwriters hone their craft.

Barry Hickey

Bio: Barry Hickey lived in Hollywood for 14 years as a writer, actor, producer, and director; he’s a novelist now. Barry worked at Walt Disney Studios and CBS Television as an executive assistant to presidents and vice presidents in the legal, programming, casting, development, story departments, and studio operations. Barry has several new novels and screenplays in the works and continues to act and sing. To learn more, visit Barry

“Hollywood eats up and spits out most wannabe writers. I can’t tell you how many writers there are that lie to themselves. It isn’t a career if you’re not submitting and pitching. It’s self-flaggelation. I also hate to do writers a favor by reading their material because there is so much inferior writing out there and after I give straight forward advice, that person usually hates me for shattering their dream.”

Read the interview with Barry James Hickey. Barry’s candidness about screenwriting and the film industry will make aspiring screenwriters think about what they’re getting into and if they’re up for the ride!

Laurie Hutzler

Bio: Laurie Hutzler is an author, writer, and consultant. She taught screenwriting for 10 years at UCLA in their MFA program and was an Artist-in-Residence at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. She’s had several plays produced across the country, and was a staff writer for cable’s Chicken Soup for the Soul. She was a staff writer and consultant on NBC’s The Black Donnellys and worked with Academy Award winner Paul Haggis on his films: In the Vally of Elah and Quantum of Solace (the 2008 James Bond film). Laurie’s a consultant for FremantleMedia Worldwide Drama Division and has worked as a consultant in the UK to the BBC, Channel 5, and ITV.

Listen to the interview with Laurie Hutzler who sheds light on the importance of character development within a screenplay. Please note: a transcription of this interview will be provided.

Mark Lund
Producer/Television Personality/Writer

Bio: Mark Lund is a television personality, writer, actor, published author, and former publisher for several magazines. He’s produced numerous awards shows and events, TV commercials, and promotional videos which have aired on major broadcast and cable networks. He produced “First World,” a 25-minute short Sci-Fi film that has been screened in over six countries and was released on DVD in 2009. “First World was nominated at the California Independent Film Festival in 2007 and Top Ten, Science Fiction, The Movie Deal in 2008. ” Mark is currently the Drama Director at Becker College in Massachusetts. He’s writing a play that will be in production in 2010. Visit Mark Lund, First World, and IMDb to learn more.

Read the interview with Mark Lund. It’s a great insight into screenwriting and the world of producing. If you’re interested in television, don’t miss this interview!

Mark Hefti
Producer, screenwriter, and actor

Mark Hefti is an independent film producer and screenwriter. His most recent work is “Tomorrow is Today,” has won over a dozen awards in film festivals worldwide to date. The DVD can also be purchased by your readers at for a discount with the special code: MIRACLES. Mark is co-owner of Green Ray Entertainment, a full service film studio.

Listen to the interview with Mark Hefti who acts, produces, and writes. His insight will assist aspiring screenwriters with their journey.

Trevor Simms

Trevor Simms is a 23-year old aspiring screenwriter. He attended film school and decided to make his dream a reality. His screenplay White Pirates is being marketed in Hollywood to some big name directors and actors. Listen to the interview with Trevor Simms. He’s not waiting on the sidelines to make his dreams come true!

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