What Writing Advice Would You Give to Your Younger Self?

Since 2012 is fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about my career as a writer thus far. I’ve been writing professionally for three years; however, I’ve been interested in writing since elementary school. In fact, my mom found my kindergarten picture, and lo and behold, the backdrop is a large bookcase filled with books. My hands are resting on an open book. On top of the open book is a quill and ink bottle. If that wasn’t the universe giving me a ‘hint’ as to what my career could be I don’t know what is.

Here’s the writing advice I would have given to my younger self:

1. Write because you love to, not because it’s a good career choice.

2. Write what you know but also write what you don’t. Venture into unfamiliar writing waters now and again.

3. Take the pressure off of having all of the ‘mechanics’ worked out. Just write!

4. Write every day, even if it’s for one hour.

5. Outlines are your friend — use them wisely.

6. Keep an ‘idea’ book in case you need inspiration or want to try something new.

7. Take part in writing prompts because they’re fun, a good way to enhance your writing skills and meet other writers.

8. Don’t be afraid of criticism. Professional criticism can make all of the difference in your writing career. The operative word is professional.

9. Ignore family and friends who say, “Writing won’t pay the bills. How will you support yourself?” They won’t understand your dream and that’s alright — they don’t have to.

10. Go for it! Take a risk; otherwise, you’ll always wonder ‘what if’ and that’s a terrible way to live.


What writing advice would you have given to your younger self?

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