Writing Coaches with Low Conversion Rates – Stop Writing Well

In my blog post How to Stop Writing Fairly Difficult Content, I wrote about how my assistant editor emailed me statistics on my content which was rated as ‘fairly difficult’ to read based on The Flesch Reading Ease Readability formula. Unfortunately, writing coaches may have to stop writing well. This sounds ironic, but approaching your writing from a different point-of-view could increase conversion rates.

Tip #1: Most readers ‘scan’ blog posts and articles they find online. Write ‘How To and Top 10’ posts that are easily read by your target audience.

Tip #2: It’s important to know your target audience and write for them. Forget about using one dollar words and writing long-winded paragraphs. Use simple language readers will understand.

Currently, newspaper reporters write articles to be understood by readers at a 5th grade level. It’s not the best ‘news’ to read or hear, but it is what it is. Keep this in mind when you write your newsletter, blog posts and articles; and create content for your YouTube channel. Get to the point, make it and move on. Don’ drone on and on because you may lose your target audience if you do.

Tip #3: Be like a newspaper reporter and write content that’s understandable. Analyze your writing to make sure it could be understood by your readers.

When was the last time you read your writing out loud? Before you post a blog post or submit an article to Ezine Articles, read it out loud. Does your writing flow? Or is it choppy? Did you edit your writing? How long are the sentences? Are you using ‘simple’ language? Make sure your writing is ‘spot on’ before your writing goes public.

Tip #4: Avoid using industry jargon/lingo because readers may not understand it.

If you’re a writing coach, it may be difficult for you to stop writing well because you’re in the business of ‘coaching’ writers. It’s an oxymoron! The writers you coach need to understand that if they write over their target audiences’ heads, their books sales could remain stagnate. It’s a conundrum!


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4 thoughts on “Writing Coaches with Low Conversion Rates – Stop Writing Well

    • Your welcome! I like the ‘plot’ of your book; it sounds like a good read. I enjoy reading fiction that incorporates history.

  1. This is interesting and not something i would normally think about, i will be forwarding this on to a few people. Thanks 🙂

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