How to Find and Schedule Time to Write

Sometimes, you have to scramble to find and schedule your writing time. Life can be full of ups and downs and your writing may be placed on the back burner for a month or longer. Your novel, YA, poetry, memoir, etc. shouldn’t have to stay there long. Below are ways to find and schedule time to write. Don’t allow a few ‘bumps’ to slow you and your writing down. In fact, adversity can propel you towards success. Use it to your advantage!

How to Find and Schedule Time to Write 

1. Are you a morning or a night person? If you’re a morning person, get up one or two hours earlier and brush your teeth, workout and shower, eat breakfast, and start writing. If you’re a night person, put the kids to bed and start writing.

2. When the baby’s sleeping. Most moms will probably want to sleep; however, if you’re a writer, you may want to write first and sleep later.

3. On your lunch break. If you’re working a 9 to 5 job, write on your lunch break. If you receive a 30 minute lunch break, write for 15 minutes. If you receive an hour lunch break, write for 30 minutes. If you receive two 15 minute breaks throughout the work day, write during one of those breaks. Each time you write, you’re one step closer to finishing your book.

4. In the air. If you travel for work (travel writer, perhaps), bring your iPad, netbook or laptop so you can write while you’re in the air. Also, take advantage of the downtime you have while waiting to board your plane. FYI: Airports are great places for inspiration. You’ll find a lot of characters flying the friendly skies!

5. On the road. If you travel for work via the road, bring your iPad, netbook or laptop and write whenever you have downtime. Most hotels have free WiFi — accessing the internet is easy. Check out the local cafe and write there as well.

6. When kids are at school. If your children attend school from 7:45 am to 2:35 pm (or whatever schedule they have), schedule one or two hours of writing time during their school time.

7. When kids attend extracurricular activities. If your kids are in sports or cheerleading, attend dance classes, or other extracurricular activities, schedule your writing time during these times. One hour per day or every other day will add up. You’ll complete your writing project in no time.


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