How Your Freelance Writing Career Can Help Your Kids

What fun would being a freelance writer be if life didn’t throw you curve balls now and again? Of course, some curve balls are not the types of curve balls you’d expect and some are not. I was just thrown a curve ball in the form of becoming a ‘surrogatemom to my 15-year-old nephew. Did I see this coming? Yes and no. Yes, I knew that someday this could possibly happen; however, I didn’t think I’d be in the ‘thick’ of it. No, I didn’t think it would happen as I’m trying to build my brand and write my books. No, I didn’t think it would happen this year!

Thank goodness my nephew is a smart 15-year-old teenager. Now that he’s with me, I can untangle the webs that were woven into his precious little mind. I won’t preach, lecture or spew my ‘dogma’ every day; however, I’ll teach him how to ‘think for himself’ and use his mind for success. Luckily, my nephew is conscientious and actually listens to what I have to say. Imagine that!

How your freelance writing career can help your kids

1. Educate your kids about languages and writing.  I will educate my nephew about languages and the art of writing. I’ll show him how he too can use his creative mind and write eBooks, fiction, YA, non-fiction, travel, etc. His favorite class is Home Improvement. He can write an eBook for teens on How to Build a Model House Frame. My nephew’s good at drawing and could provide the illustrations as well.

2. Teach your kids to love reading. My nephew dreaded reading The Great Gatsby over the summer. Of course, I almost fell over when he said, “I have to read this long, boring book.” My response was, “The Great Gatsby is a wonderful classic novel that’s been made into many movies (big and little screen).” He still dreaded reading the book.

I may not convince my nephew that reading classic novels could benefit him; however, I’ll reiterate that reading is a privilege. To know how to read is one of the doorways to freedom. Reading is a great way to escape the daily monotony of life. Reading is a great way to educate one’s self. I’ll teach my nephew that reading and implementing what he’s learned can lead to a successful life.

3. Go with the flow. I learned a long time ago, “What you resist persists?” Stuff happens in life. You can either deal with it in a rational, calm manner. Or, you can allow your emotions to run the show. Either way, you’ll get what you expect. However, you won’t help your kids if your emotions run and rule your life. You’ll drive them and yourself nuts!

I’m learning to go with the flow. I’ll write during the day when my nephew goes to school. I’ll write when he does his homework or hangs out with his friends. If I need to write at night, I’ll do it. I’m somewhat of a night owl anyway. I’ll work it out somehow. I’m reminded of what Louise Hay says, “Out of this situation, only good with come.”


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