How to Become a Powerful Storyteller

How powerful of a storyteller are you? Every author and writer could use tips and tricks for crafting their stories. It’s about maximizing your impact on readers. It’s important to write engaging and entertaining stories that will captivate and hold readers attention. You want them to come back for more.

How to become a powerful storyteller

1. Get in touch with your emotions and transfer them to your characters. Think about your characters and what emotions they would feel and have.

2. Who are your characters? What do you know that they don’t?

3. Stay in the moment and hold onto it.

4. Go inward to connect outward.

5. Step in and out of your characters.

6. Get into the moment and feel the emotion of it.

7. Silence is golden and can make a strong presence.

8. Think about the body language of your characters. Do they slouch or stand up straight? Do they cross or fold their arms? Is their face contorted?

9. Be comical! Everyone can benefit from laughter.

10. Do exaggerate. For example, think about how Oprah introduced her guests. When she introduced guests she wouldn’t say, “Please welcome John Travolta.” She would say, “Come Out, Jooooooooohn Trrrrraaaavoooolta.”

11. Don’t forget about branding your message. Use a catchy phrase that will stick in the minds of readers.

12. Be an authentic author. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

13. Don’t play it safe. Be a bold and daring author/writer. Go deep and be precise in your writing. Don’t hold back.

14. Love yourself and your readers. Remember, they buy your books and other merchandise.

15. Be the amazing author/writer you know you can be.

16. Your manuscript will set you free. Keep writing and rewriting your manuscript until it is spot on!

17. Write, edit, proofread and read your story. Put it aside for a while and come back to it. Give yourself a break. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day.


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