7 Easy Steps to Writing a Book Fast

Did you know that you can write your book in 8-weeks or less? Obviously, you want to write a quality book; however, you want to write it fast. The faster you write your book, the quicker it gets into the hand of your target market.

Think about the following questions:

  • What is your passion?
  • What would you like to write about?

For example, if you’re a writer who’s also a parent of an autistic teenager, you may be interested in providing parenting advice for parents of autistic teenagers. Brainstorm for ideas. As a parent of an autistic teenager, what difficulties do you face? What challenges does your teenage face every day? What difficulties does an autistic teenager face in the 21st century? Break it down until you have a niche or theme. Once you know this, you can write your book in no time.

7 Easy Steps to Writing a Book Fast

1. Be clear on the BIG idea of your book. The theme of your book will become the brand. It’s imperative to drill down your idea and get to the core of it. Think about the following: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Put your journalist “cap” on and answer these questions. Once you have your “big” idea or theme, you’re ready to write your book.

2. Use a model aka guideline. Who are your favorite authors? What did they write? Visit a bookstore or library and find books by your favorite authors. Read through the books and take notes. How are the chapters structured? How many pages is each chapter? Is there a resource page for readers? Choose a book and imitate it — use it as a guideline to write your book.

3. Use the number “7”. This is a good number for TV and radio segments. If you’re using your book to obtain speaking engagements, producers will be happy your book is “7 Fill in the Blank.” It’s easy for you to speak about, and the audience will be able to remember “7 Fill in the Blank.”

4. Speak your book. You can speak your book and have it transcribed or you could use software such as DragonNaturally Speaking software or Windows Speech Recognition for Vista and Windows 7. Simply activate the software and speak your book. The alternative is to use a service like iDictate. Speak your book into your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, or voice recording device and have it transcribed for you (sent via email).

5. Don’t edit your book while you write it. If you’re a freelance/ghost writer, you may be tempted to edit while you write. Write your book then go back and edit. Of course, you could hire an editor to edit your book. This takes the pressure off of you.

6. Test out your idea on your target market. Join groups and social media websites where you can ‘test’ out your BIG book idea. Ask for feedback on your idea. What’s attractive about it? How do others react to it? Gather enough information to ascertain if your BIG book idea will work or needs to be tweaked.

7. Write! You’ve heard this before — write all of the time. Schedule your writing during the week and on weekends. Even if you write for one hour day, you’ll make progress. Keep writing and say “No” when you have to. Family and friends need to understand that you’re serious about your writing dream and goal.

Writing your book doesn’t have to take months or years. Give yourself a deadline along with a consequence if you don’t finish your book on time. Keep in mind that you can always update your book by producing new versions. Windows does this all of the time as does WordPress. Your first book could be “version 1” and the next book can be “version 2” and so on. Look for a ‘print on demand’ book company which means your book won’t be printed until orders have been received. It’s a great way to get started as an author.

Good Luck!

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