Your Mom Thinks You’re Special … What about the Media?

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Authors and experts, “What makes you special?” What sets you apart from the other authors and experts in your field? Take your time to think about it … I’ll wait. Did you think of at least five answers? If you didn’t, it’s time to start thinking about “What makes you special?”

Most people feel embarrassed or shy to answer, “What makes you special?” but this is an important question to answer if you want media attention for your book, seminar, workshop or class. If you want to promote your new book, you need to be prepared to answer this question; otherwise, the media won’t be attracted to you and your book. And, you’ll have missed your cue to spread your message.

The media loves to interview authors and experts who are special. Readers purchase books because authors have a message they can relate to or it’s a gripping, personal story. Event and meeting planners are attracted to speakers who are distinct — they’re message is meaningful and timely.

The good news is that everyone has something that makes them special. Follow the steps below to showcase how special and unique you are. The media won’t be able to take their eyes off of you!

How to show the media how special and unique you and your message are

1. What accomplishment have you achieved that most have not? Did you win a championship or write a book that’s mind blowing? What about starting a not-for-profit that received millions of dollars in three months? Did you discover an ancient city while on vacation? Make a list of your accomplishments that others may not have.

2. What’s new? What’s ‘old’ that’s new? Perhaps, you have a concept or idea that’s new; it’s pure genius. What do you teach or write that others don’t? Did you take a ‘worn out’ idea like networking and revamp it? How? Think about how you’ve packaged an ‘old idea’ in a new, innovative way.

3. What are your credentials? Did you graduate from Brown, Duke, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, St. Andrews, Edinburgh University, MIT, Columbia, Stanford, ETH Zurich, Kings College London or Princeton? Have you worked with royalty? Use your credentials in a headline such as “Cambridge-trained artist paints like Van Gogh and so can you.” Discuss current and previous professions and how you’ve helped thousands of people.

4. Tell your story. It’s not healthy to ‘relive’ your story over and over again. However, your ‘unique’ story will touch the lives of millions. They’ll be amazed how you overcame adversity. And, there could be someone, somewhere, with the same story. Telling your story means they’re not alone.

5. Who are you connected to? Let’s face it; people love celebrities because they’d like to be one or enjoy living vicariously through them. If you have celebrity connections, use them.  Make sure you have their permission before you tell the world who you know or who’ve you worked with.

6. Share powerful success stories. Have you’ve helped thousands of people lose weight through hypnosis? Perhaps, spending one hour with you, twice a week melts the pounds away. That’s extraordinary! Think about your most powerful success stories and share them.

7. Create a unique hook for your book title. You probably already know this but it begs repeating. A unique ‘hook’ is a great way to reel in the media and readers. Write (no pun, okay there was one) a memorable book title and turn your book into a #1 Best Seller. The media will trip over themselves to speak with you.

8. How can you be Number 1? Sometimes, a market or niche is too crowded. They way to get around this is to create a category where you’re number one. For example, perhaps you’re a marketing consultant who works with optometrists and podiatrists. You could say, “I’m the leading marketing consultant in the world serving optometrists and podiatrists. Walk over to the computer, visit http://www.Eyes and Feet Serve and see for yourself,” or something like that.

9. Network. Form partnerships with established authors and experts whose target market is the same or at least compliments yours. Ask them, “How may I help you? What can I do for you?” Not only will you reach a larger audience, but you’ll develop valuable relationships that can serve you and others now and later.

10. Be confident. The media wants to work with confident people. Stand up straight, reach out your hand and say, “Hi, my name is (fill in the blank), and I’m an author/expert that you’re audience needs to hear from.” Give the media your best 30-second elevator speech and they’ll want to work with you.

Stand out from other authors and experts by using these ideas and gain local and national publicity. Don’t overwhelm yourself by applying all of these strategies at once. Select the ones that work best for you and your book/message. You’ll be a media darling in no time!


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