How Writers Can Attract and Gain Twitter Followers

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Authors, creative, freelance, ghost and travel writers — if you’d like to attract and gain more Twitter followers, make sure you have a ‘Tweet Button’ on your blog/website. Websites that incorporate a ‘Tweet Button’ receive seven times more traffic than websites that don’t utilize this ‘free’ tool. What are some other ways to increase Twitter followers? Keep reading to find out.

Most people use Tweet Meme which is a plugin that can be included on WordPress and other blogging platforms. It’s easy to upload and install. The Tweet Meme button makes it easier for visitors to ‘retweet’ your blog post and or article. This is a fast and easy way to ‘spread’ the word about your amazing writing. You can reach thousands, even millions of people quickly.

Other ways writers can attract and gain Twitter followers

1. Create a Twitter landing page. You’re probably saying, “Great. I can’t create a ‘regular’ landing page. How the heck am I supposed to create a Twitter landing page?” The good news is a Twitter landing page can be created on your blog or website. If you already have pages on your website, you can create a Twitter landing page. Include your picture, a short bio (about you) along with your tweets and retweets.

BTW: Don’t forget to include your Twitter URL in your bio on your Twitter account.

2. Use keywords and phrases. Have you ever wondered how you gain certain followers after you’ve tweeted something? I have!  You can set up a Twitter search; include your keywords and phrases, i.e., freelance writing, freelance writers, freelance writer, creative writing, creative writers, ghost writers, travel writing, ghost writing, young adult, picture books, self-publishing, memoir, romance writers, fiction, publishing, etc. When someone posts something pertaining to your keywords and phrases, you can answer and direct them to your website. Who knew? No wonder I have a lot of MLM, real estate agents/agencies, online marketers, SEO gurus, etc. following me. Lol!

3. Pay attention to followers who ‘retweet’ your posts — focus on them. Develop a relationship with your followers (retweets) because they can help ‘spread’ the word about you and your writing (business). Visit their profiles and websites; say “Thank you” once in a while. It doesn’t hurt to have influencers and supporters. Remember, you can’t go or grow it alone. Successful people have help from others — they don’t do it all by themselves.


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