Writer Feels Blue and Blah … Inspiration Has Left

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I have a confession to make — I’ve been feeling uninspired lately. There are days when I sit in front of the laptop and can’t think of anything to write. There are days when I have absolutely no desire to write — not even for my own websites. I think about packing my backpack, grabbing my passport and heading off into the wild blue yonder to discover and meet new people and cultures. The same old, same old routine must go; routine is not in my vocabulary. What’s a writer to do?

One reason why I feel uninspired is I’m not living in an inspiring area of the U.S, at least it’s not inspiring for me. I’m so bloody bored because there’s really nothing to do. I want to move back to my beloved Arizona which I should have never left in the first place. That’s another story in and of itself which I’ll leave for my memoir. Anyway … I lived in the East Valley of Phoenix which offers residents many amenities. The libraries are awesome and parks are well kept. Of course, the weather is spectacular. There are plenty of places to shop, and the nightlife is thumping. More importantly, Arizona is a writer’s paradise (at least it is to me). You can hike the various mountain parks and find inspiration by watching the wildlife. You can visit Tucson, Sedona, Lake Havasu, California or Mexico. Arizona has more highways than the current state I’m living in. Getting from Point A to Point B wasn’t difficult for me. It was a blessing.

Another reason why I feel uninspired is I don’t have any writer’s groups to be a part of. I loved my writers groups. It was inspiring to be around other writers and hear what they were working on. I enjoyed the encouragement and support of my fellow writers; emphasis on encouragement and support. I’m aware of online writers groups but it’s not the same. What can I say? I’m a Leo and enjoy meeting people in-person versus online.

I believe living in the same, boring location has contributed to my inspiration to leave. I sometimes feel like a caged lion. I mean, really. Where I live is like being in a retirement community. Even if I was old enough to retire (I won’t ever retire), I wouldn’t live where I am at. Every day I try to ‘psyche’ myself up and be grateful for the roof over my head, but it doesn’t work. I want out and I want out for good. Even my cats are restless!

Some would tell me (even I have done so) to participate in writing exercises and prompts, but I can’t seem to muster up the energy or writing power to do them. I stare at the 10 random words from the Creative Copy Challenge, one of my favorite writing prompts, and can’t form a sentence. I’m lucky I was able to write this blog post. Perhaps inspiration is slowly making its way back to me. I’m not sure.

I tried rearranging the office using Feng Shui methods but it hasn’t worked. Sometimes, it’s not easy to use Feng Shui if a room isn’t compatible with your personal, magnetic directions. Plus, my cats have their food/water and litter boxes (I know) in the office because there’s nowhere else to put them. I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall and it’s beginning to hurt.

Perhaps, I’m being too hard on myself. Maybe I do need a break. Okay, I need a break. I want to be surrounded by like-minded people. I want to be able to hike mountains, attend writers groups, volunteer, have fun, etc. I’ve been contemplating attending a writer’s conference; there are plenty to select from. Not only can I make valuable contacts and connections, but maybe I can coax or even get my inspiration back. Stay tuned!


How do you get your inspiration back when it leaves? Share

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3 thoughts on “Writer Feels Blue and Blah … Inspiration Has Left

  1. What is stopping you from moving back to Arizona, Rebecca? If you really believe you would be happier back ‘home’ perhaps you should take that plunge and move back? I believe strongly that we should follow our passion. Sometimes passion is a place. I used to dream of moving to Seattle (from Western Australia). I visited L.A. and thought, “I could live here”. But ultimately, I love my home in Australia and I don’t really think I would thrive elsewhere. If Arizona is your Australia then there really may be “no place like home”.

    As for writing. I learned that it’s a case of just showing up. I never really “feel” like I want to write. I mean I always feel like I should want to write and I do “want” to write but I also want to do everything else but write. Does that make sense? It’s the procrastination demons brought about by resistance. Writing is my passion but because it means so much to me it is also my greatest phobia. To get past the writer blues I’m learning to write my way out of them. Writing a cathartic post like this one is a start. Explore the feelings your having, see where they stem from, and see if there are things in your life you can change that will alter the way you’re currently seeing the world.

    I hope you feel more inspiration and passion soon but please know, you’re not alone is feeling these blues. I’m proud of your for writing on regardless of them.

    • Hi Rebecca!

      Thank you for your encouraging words. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that it’s alright to take a break now and again from writing. It’s alright to go away for a weekend or walk to the park and enjoy the sunshine. I need to take my own advice. Lol!

      Ironically, after I wrote my post (I pre-write posts), I was feeling inspired. I wrote another chapter for my YA novel and received a lot of encouragement from the folks at the Creative Copy Challenge. Working on my YA novel and getting into the characters helped me to realize I how much love story-telling; I plan to finish my novel before the end of the year. Writing my post about ‘feeling’ blah helped as well. I also started listening to music (again) when I write. Sometimes, it distracts me. But other times it helps move me and my writing a long.

      I definitely want to move back to Arizona. I began the process of finding housing and full-time employment to supplement my writing. Moving to Arizona in 2007 was a great learning experience; however, moving back to my home state in 2010 was a ‘bigger‘ learning experience. I learned a lot about myself and my family (dad’s side). In fact, it’s ‘inspired’ me to write about it for my mind and personal development blog, MisticCafe.com.

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