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One of my pet peeves about newsletters is that some of them don’t include social media share buttons. I enjoy sharing useful content with others because it may help them grow their business or learn something new. However, nine times out of ten, newsletters don’t have a ‘share’ button. If I want to share a newsletter on Facebook or Twitter, I have to open my social media websites or, copy, and paste the link. This takes time to do. It’s easier for me to ‘share’ a newsletter when it contains the ‘common’ social media buttons such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn; you can add others but these are used by most businesses. Don’t forget to include ‘follow’ buttons. No one can follow you if don’t provide them with links to your social media websites.

Tip: Include a StumbleUpon ‘share’ button in your newsletter. This social media network is driving more traffic than Facebook. Word of caution: StumbleUpon allows adult content. When you share an article or blog, make sure to choose “Yes” because this means your content does not contain adult content.

The next time you send out a newsletter or are writing one for a client, make sure social media icons are visible on the newsletter. If they’re not, add them. It’s important for readers to be able to share your newsletter in addition to following you. Let’s face it; most people are under time constraints. If they have to ‘manually’ open up their Twitter or Facebook, they may not be inclined to share a newsletter. Make it easy for others to share a newsletter by incorporating ‘share’ buttons.


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