What’s the Difference between Facebook and Twitter?

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Question: I’m beginning to market my freelance writing business. Do I need to use both Facebook and Twitter? What’s the difference? How much time do I need to devote to social media? I want to maintain a balance between writing and marketing.

Answer: Facebook is relationship driven and Twitter is content driven. In order to create a Facebook Fan Page, you need to create a personal and or business account. This can become sticky if you don’t want family and friends to know what you’re up to. Perhaps they’re not supportive of your freelance writing career. Their negativity could sabotage you and your dream. It’s unfortunate but it does happen.

One of the benefits of Twitter is it is straightforward and to the point. You create one account and that’s it. There’s no creating a personal or business page and then a Twitter account. On the flip side, Facebook could be like treading through muddy waters. You have to create a personal and or business page. Then you have to create a fan page. There are more steps involved with Facebook compared to Twitter.

Twitter is about posting links and videos containing important and informative content. However, you can participate in a Twitter chat which is one way of developing relationships. For the most part, Twitter is about content. People look for unique content they could apply to their business or life. This is one reason why followers ‘retweet’ posts.

Facebook is about developing relationships. For example, you probably have a personal page which means you’re probably connecting with people, maybe even family, friends, or groups. When you create a Facebook fan page, it’s important to interact with fans. You could create a contest or post a link to a contest from your website. You could give away a free copy of your book or eBook to the first 100 fans. Get creative but make sure you keep in contact with your fans.

If you choose to use both Facebook and Twitter, make sure you stick to a social media schedule. You don’t have to spend hours every day on your social network sites but spend at least 15-20 minutes per day. While Twitter is mostly about content, there’s no harm in developing relationships with your followers. It may be under 140 characters, but you’d be surprised how your words impact others. Be polite and professional on all of your networks — you never know who’ll be watching you.


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